Goldmember Preview Sims 2

1. Mor e than 100 different nudeskins for the Sims 2

For be exactly: There are waiting 106 different nudekins for you, that you will play them
And not only with different skin colour, even with different pubic hairs, Bikini-tined aso.

Here are some examples:

Sehr heller HauttypMedium

Sehr Dunkler HattypBlondie



2. A lot of different sexy and horny clothes for the Sims 2!

You have a big choice of sexy lingerie, swimwear, pyjamas, Allday clothes and more.

Take a look to the examples:

Lederkorsett-DominaNetzcatsuitSpider 2 TeilerSpiderbody-Neon

Pussy all ouvertJacke ohne Oberteil


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