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The Sims 3 Nudeskins

Sooner as we thought, there are nudeskins for the sims 3 available. With these nudeskins your sims will shown anatomical correct.

Now it's not like in The Sims 2 anymore, that you have to download a nudeskin for every skincolour. No, now you have to run only some patches for create your own sims, with all the details. No matter which skin- or haircolour you choose. So you will get Sims with different boobs, different nipples and different pubic hair.

The nudeskins for The Sims 3 are available for download, exclusivly for our Goldmembers. Subscribe now an get full access to all existing and upcoming Downloads for The Sims 2 und The Sims 3, like Addons, Clothes, Houses and many more. Subscribe now for become a goldmember

Sims 3 - Nudepatch

Just some days is The Sims 3 available, but there there is already a nudepatch. These nudepatch remove the blur (the pixel), when the sims are showering, taking a bath or making a Pooh.

Here you will find the download: The Sims 3 - Nudepatch (Antiblur) [only registered members]

Important Update for the male reproduction part

For our goldmembers we offer a new male reproduction part, which looks almost real. Now its chooseable as accesoire, in normal condition and in the erected version. Try it out, it's great.

Transsexual Sims

Now you can create Transexual Sims with our female pe n is. Download it in the Goldmemberarea.


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